Operation Understanding DC Archival Researcher

I am a third-year undergraduate student at George Mason University, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology. During my fellowship with the John Mitchell Jr. Program, I have been able to conduct research relating to instances of racism and anti-semitism along the Eastern Shore. I have done extensive archival work in relation to the Chipman Cultural Center, conducted oral history interviews with members of Salisbury’s Beth Israel Synagogue, and acted as a volunteer during community events within Salisbury, Maryland.

Furthermore, I am a member of our communications team, as well as the Editor in Chief for our organization’s online magazine, Freedom’s Plow. This year, I’ll also be acting as a mentor to students within Operation Understanding D.C.’s 2023-2024 Social Justice Fellowship Cohort! Looking to the future, I aim to further my understanding of the many issues faced within marginalized communities, as well as the ways in which these issues may be addressed.