What would a peaceful USA look like? A Roundtable Discussion w/ Dr. Tehama Lopez Bunyasi

Dr. Thomas Flores will moderate this discussion with Ajanet Rountree, Christie Jones, and Dr. Charles Chavis:

The field of conflict resolution has sent Americans around the world to help other societies seek peace. These efforts often involve bridging differences between identity groups or addressing the root causes of directly violent conflict. Faculty and students from the Carter School alone have traveled to Colombia, Indonesia, Eritrea, the Caucasus, South Sudan, and beyond. At the same time, critical race scholars have painstakingly mapped how structural racism permeates American society, calling into question the moral authority of American conflict resolvers’ attempts to build peace abroad. Black Lives Matters protests of continuing police shootings of Black Americans have placed these questions squarely at the root of American political life. What would a peaceful United States of America look like? What do our answers imply for the study of peace at the Carter School and beyond?


Sep 25, 2020


9:00 am - 10:00 am